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Julia Dunnit

Ah but it's chocablock with goodies! Lovely desk to view - I love the position of the heat mat - so you know where to sit - just push everything back a teeny bit and you'll be good to go!! I've got a handful of stamps by Tim Coffey - sort of whimsical, cartoony art, very nice..must go look him up!

Neil Walker (Neelzexpressionz)

What fun, a jekyll and hyde shot, neat storage area and then a messy desk! Thanks for sharing!


Hi Beatrice, well, the expidit looks good but where is the essential 6" square needed for crafting on that desk:) Seriously, your desk needs some TLC 'toot sweet'. I'm off to look up Mr Coffey and see what he does with cereal boxes. Wishing you a good week and good luck with the de-cluttering. Elizabeth x #79


Hi Beatrice, I've just watched Tim Coffey's demos and all I can say is wow! Who would have thought you could do something like that with a hot glue gun - the finished project looked just gorgeous. Thanks, Elizabeth x


oh bloggers being mean to me again! I know I popped in here before because I loved your turntable thingy on your selves! I did ask if it was a two tear ) one..now...will this stay posted i wonder! Happy Woyww


WOW now that is a creative desk there. You have so many fun things to see and it would be so much fun to just play around with all those goodies. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #46


I have that exact same problem! I received my expedite for Christmas, but they bought 6 four cubed sections...I don't want to bury anything, but need to see what is where...slow process.

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